THE THING ABOUT US is a short-film triptych written and directed by Keely Weiss: two films directed differently from the same script and a third film that cuts between them. THE THING ABOUT US (I) depicts the narrative through a queer lens, while in THE THING ABOUT US (II) the same narrative is presented as straight. THE THING ABOUT US (III) contrasts the differences and similarities between these two versions of the same story.

Clem and Jules are best friends, adventure buddies–and also exes. When they go on a camping trip and their car runs out of gas in the middle of the desert, the two are forced to be honest with themselves about their messy relationship.

THE THING ABOUT US (I), the first installment in the triptych, has screened at Outfest, BFI Flare, and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

Watch all three versions of THE THING ABOUT US below.